Silent Battles

  1. Often times, we go about our lives hurt and in pain. No one else notices our pain, the bruises that we cover up. We simply put on a smile just to cover up our fears. In the case of this little 11 year old girl, her pain is real and deep. She lost her family and had no one to care for her. She ended up in the hands of people who abused and mistreated her daily. She had no one to tend to. She cried herself to sleep each day. With mom and dad gone, she had to fend for herself. She woke up each day with scars and people who neglected her needs daily. But,

she kept her head up and kept going each day. It was a scary place to be for her but, she never gave up. Waking up every morning to fight the exact same things that left her so exhausted the night before, and doing it all alone. She did her absolute best to heal from the things that brought her so much pain. Every morning, she woke up and continued to fight, continue to heal from something no one even knew she was dealing with. Please join me to pray for her. We here at HCG has made a pledge to help her. Please join us and donate to her cause TODAY!

Thank you.

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