We are grateful to be invited into the communities we serve
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"We are grateful to help the extremely poor who cannot afford the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, and shelter. We believe that opportunities in life are unequally distributed, sometimes through no fault of the victims, it is human that the rest of us in advantageous position in life, help uplift the underprivileged in our society."

Out Gone Projects (Activate a Tree)

This project was a tree planting exercise carried out by on the 6th of December 2019 at La Bawaleshie Presbyterian school, East Lagoon-Accra.


We discovered that there was no tree in the school and ventilations was an issue there, so we proposed a solution to plant trees for them and after our project we were able to plant 100 trees for the school.


This Exercise was a partnership project between Happy Care Global, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Green way International Foundation and La Bawaleshie Presbyterian Basic School.

Community Project

For our community project we chose to engage with the street kids at Jamestown Fishing Village through educational and creative activities. Our community project was achieved with five other Yali Cohort 5 students.


As a group we raised funds to buy food provisions for the children. We were able to supply 70 children with rice, cooking oil, canned tomatoes, sugar, and bars of soap.


The objective of the project was to create an enabling learning environment for marginalized children to achieve future dreams and aspirations. Jamestown Fishing Village is a very impoverished village, located in Accra, with thousands of people living in shacks on the shore. Education is often the last thing prescribed to children, who their parents only believe “fishing” is their only means of survival. A lot of the Children are fatherless. Sadly, the fathers go out to sea, and many never return. There is a high rate of teenage pregnancies. You find single mothers with multiple children they are unable to take care of, resulting in a high rate of street kids, out of school on the streets fending for themselves.

Upcoming Projects

Happy Care Global has many upcoming projects on the way. Like our Christmas 2019, project (HELP US FEED 100 POOR AND NEEDY FAMILIES IN ACCRA GHANA). We raised funds to help a struggling community in James Town.


Our Organization raised funds to address a struggling community where we also focused on issues, such as poverty, hunger, health care and decent accommodation for women and children in the community. We were able to feed about 400 people, including women and children.


With funds raised, HCG will:

  • Provide startup capital for widows & single mothers for trade. 

  • Raise funds for children with disabilities.

  • Easter Fundraising

Happy Care Plan

The Happy Care Plan is a project designed to provide scholarships for young students and parents who are widows/single parenting, people with disability and orphans to make them independent.

The Happy Care Global are going to raised resources, to assist students who because of finance has been dropped off from school. With the project ‘’Happy Care Plan’’ we are going to take them back to school and give them all the necessary support they may need.

These student’s scholarship entails, paying of school fees, uniforms, shoes & socks, school bags, Learning materials etc.

  • The Happy care Plan will not just send/give students scholarship, but also enrolled their parents in our ‘’Entrepreneurship start-up capital and mentorship Program’’ The parents will receive training, coaching and a start-up capital grant to start up a small business of their choice.  Happy Care Global will also organize an onsite meeting quarterly  to discuss ongoing needs.

Criteria For Selection

  • Support is going to be given to  Widows, People with Disability and Orphans.


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